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Climate change is likely to make natural disasters like the monsoon floods in Pakistan and the food crisis in west Africa worse: longer droughts, more intense storms, worse floods.

These disasters offer a stark reminder of how vulnerable the world’s poorest communities are to natural disasters – and how rich countries need to act now on their behalf.

Take action now to ask decision-makers to bring about climate justice.

Ideal World 2030

What will the earths’s future look like in 2030? What social, economic and environmental changes will have occurred by 2030? Are we seeing an unstoppable change in our climate, or will humanity have to take action? What will your ideal world look like in 2030 and what can we do together to make it a reality?

We are asking you to create a message telling world leaders what your ideal world will look like in 2030.

All messages will be delivered to the UN climate talks.

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Strong international action on climate change is urgently needed to prevent the catastrophic consequences of climate change and to help people out of poverty.