Solar power in rural India

Busagudupalem is a remote tsunami-affected village in Andhra Pradesh. A project to provide solar-powered lamps to the community has allowed them to work after dark, and have consistent access to renewable energy.

After the tsunami in 2008, the 47 families that made up the village of Busagudupalem had fled to the state highway. They remained there as they were not able to find the shelters provided for tsunami-affected communities, and though many had passed by them with relief materials none had stopped for them.

Christian Aid partner RRDS came across them days later, and built temporary shelters for them, provided them with fishing nets for their livelihood, bore wells for water and gave them solar lamps for light. The community say that God saw our struggle and sent RRDS to us”. As a result of RRDS’s work, most of the children are now enrolled in the local school and each home has access to free, safe renewable solar energy sources