Agricultural adaptation in Nicaragua

The climate is changing in Nicaragua, and in coffee-growing regions crops are failing due to the increased heat. With support from Soppexcca, farmers are diversifying their crops to adapt to the changing climate.

Like his father before him, Miguel Angel Zelaya is a smallscale coffee farmer in El Cua, Jinotega. Coffee used to grow well in his area, but it has now become too hot to grow coffee effectively here and yields are only about 1/6 of what they used to be.

With support from CA’s partner Soppexcca, Miguel is now switching to grow cocoa instead on some of his land. Cocoa flourishes in this warmer climate, and after seeing how well it grew in the pilot plot, Miguel has cleared another three and a half acres of coffee plants so he can grow cocoa instead. Soppexcca is now scaling up this pilot project, and plans to start commercialising locally-grown cocoa.