Climate Solutions

APRODEV organisations are working to help people in developing countries adapt to the challenges of climate change. Read our partner stories to find out more.

Agricultural adaptation in Nicaragua

The climate is changing in Nicaragua, and in coffee-growing regions crops are failing due to the increased heat.

With support from Soppexcca, farmers are diversifying their crops to adapt to the changing climate. Learn more…

Solar power in rural India

Busagudupalem is a remote tsunami-affected village in Andhra Pradesh.

A project to provide solar-powered lamps to the community has allowed them to work after dark, and have consistent access to renewable energy. Learn more…

Rising sea levels in Bangladesh

Rising sea levels mean that increasingly freshwater supplies are becoming salinated, leaving poor communities without a safe water supply.

Christian Aid partner Pani Parishad has been working to provide rain harvesters to villages in Bangladesh. Learn more…